301 Pro

The direct drive generator system replaces the traditional belt driven set-up in a mobile unit with a generator. This generator is run using a direct drive system but creates an electric power point for your mobile unit.

This setup uses the direct drive to power a generator. The generator can range from 7.5 kva to 12kva if you wish to run other machines such as slush (link) or other equipment such as chocolate dips, microwaves, freezers or chillers.
The generator setup allows you to use the machine to its full potential.
This unit is recommended to be used with the large refrigerated cabinet as the space and power are already availible to use them.
The refrigerated cabinet can be used for bottled mix or drinks when the large volume of mix is not needed.

The benefits over the direct drive system for the mobile user are:

  • Variable speed motor: The motor uses inverter technology to alter the speed of the motor, this is like giving the main drive seven gears to select so that the power needed to move the stationary, frozen mix is much less.
  • Fully electronic: cone counter is a great feature for those with fleets of vans, coupled with the Dialog system the manager can keep track of all of their machines in real time, anywhere in the world!
    See BIB 301 pro range for more details
  • Full advantage of the large compressor, condenser and dual fans. Due to the inverter, the power of the compressor and fans can be increased. This gives the hightest output possible on a single barrel, while keeping the machine a modest time. 40KG per hour.
  • Remote condenser: the condenser can be placed in the optimal position within the van. This will not only make the machine the most efficient it can be, it also helps to cool the van in warm weather. The typical place for the condenser is the passenger door side. 
    Optionally you can have the condenser possitioned into the floor or mounted into the roof at an extra cost.
  • Ability to provide all of the vans power needs: You can run multiple machines along with the 301 Pro. Machines such a slush (link) or other equipment such as chocolate dips, microwaves, lights, freezers or chillers.
  • Full dialog support from our team in the UK and Italy. Dialog allows us to help monitor and update your machine remotely
  • In either model the machines both take full advantage of the 10 miniute 'Quick clean'. Imagine using the 301 Van Pro on a long busy day, coming home and knowing the cleaning is only going to take 10 minutes! Then take that one step furthur whist using the Dan O'Neill 401 VanElite and go home only to plug it in and enjoy your time.

Whatever your needs the 301 Pro will provide.