Direct drive generator system

Van machine

Direct drive.

We have developed a direct drive version of the IceTeam1927 301 Pro. Fully patented, this system is the latest and only development in direct drive machines since the 1960's.




Our Dan O'Neill Legacy has the most up to date electrical system used on any direct drive machine.
Unlike all other models of direct drive based machines it only runs as it is needed, meaning that the system parts have a greatly extended lifespan. Up to 80% less wear!


Cabinet cooling

The cabinet is cooled inbetween serving to keep the mix below 4deg C and only works when its needed.
A optional feature can be added to the cabinet cooling using a separate cooling system. This allows the user to plug the machine in overnight and avoid cleaning the machine out everyday, it also separates the two freezing systems so the temperature of the mix is never effected.


Peristaltic pump

Patented technology belonging to IceTeam only. Please see BIB range for more details.



Instead of using a 'hopper' for the mix in the top of the machine, our machine has a refrigerated cabinet underneath.
This has many benefits: The serving handle can be placed higher, this means the user of the machine can choose the height of the dispensing handle to suit them and to avoid straining your back to serve.
The top of the machine can be used as a shelf.
The mix can be contained to avoid it spilling while driving on the road.
Easier to refill the machine with mix.


Fully variable air and pressure setting: Once installed we work with you to produce the perfect icecream. We use your mix and guidence to fine tune the machines settings, once your making your perfect icecream you can be assured that the machine will constantly produce the same results.

An optional extra can be fitted where a larger refrigerated cabinet is positioned under the machine to allow the user to have up to a 200 litre store of mix! This is a great feature for busy shows as it not only cuts your time down with having to refill the system, but saves on storage space inside the van.
The larger refrigerated cabinet can be used for extra storage space while the machines cabinet is being used for the mix and vice versa. This option is only availible with our own direct drive and remote condenser setup.

Our direct drive base.

We have designed our own base to give us enough room to put a refrigerated cabinet directly underneath the machine. The components within our base are posistioned for both ease of maintenance and machine efficiency.