We build individually customised trailers from small ice cream units to huge mobile gelatarias.

Each part of the trailer is tailor made to your exact specifications. We build each one as an original 'one off'.

Standard base sizes.

4' x 6' the smallest recommended trailer and 8' x 22' is the largest. If requested we can build a trailer to occupy a larger footspace once in situ.

The wheels are dependant on the amount of equipment needed and size of the trailer. We recommend a twin axle for anything smaller than 6' x 12' and triple axles for anything above that.

We can provide hydraulic axles that can be lowered on site keeping the unit at floor level. This feature is great for the larger trailers that can convert into a whole gelateria.

The serving hatches come in a range of different designs, from swing out front only to provide two large billboards; to every side folding up for advertising and to reveal a shop!

Hydraulic display cabinets, the display cabinets move out towards the serving section to provide more floor space and a more appealing product.

Standard or remote refrigeration units.

Marine plywood, glass reinforced plastic, aluminium or even solid stainless steel panels available.

Solid, welded, stainless splash backs upon request.

We will help you put your idea into reality.


The Machines

Ice Team 301 BIB Pro.

This machine was designed with low power consumption in mind, this makes it the perfect choice for any ice cream trailer. Especially in areas with pollution awareness.
Due to the low power the machine can be run from a small 5.5KVA generator. For more information see our 'BIB range'


Ice team 603 BIB

Ideal for a larger ice cream trailer or gelateria. The machine has the ability to pump speciality products such as thick mixes or mixes with small solids in. This is great for drawing in the crowds by being different.
See the BIB range for more information.



Display cabinets. We use DeBlasi cabinets due to the high build quality and durability. (link Display cabinets)

Onsite Gelato production:

  • Compacta Vario. Ideal compact unit for the use on a trailer. You can make your own fresh gelato within the trailer itself. The benefits of the Compacta over other Gelato producing machines is that the minimum amount needed in the machine is only 1 Kg. This means that you can re-pasurize unused gelato and incorporate new fresh ingredients to reduce waste. The unit also works in small batches so that you can customise the base flavour of each of your recipies.
  • Ck50 Blast freezer. This is our smallest blast freezer. Ideal for on the road for making lollies, specialities and stablising the products.
  • Fridges and freezers. We use DeBlasi fridges and freezers. They come in a huge range of styles and sizes. Other brands of freezer can be fitted upon request.

We pride ourselves on producing the very best.

Send us an email of your trailer idea and we will help you make it a reality.