Repairs and Servicing



Our industry experience and outstanding technical knowledge and skills set us apart from all other ice cream machine repair services in the U.K.

We offer competitive rates and parts prices on all repair work undertaken.

If at all possible we aim to repair your machinery at your facility. Although please bear in mind that some repairs can only be completed at our workshop due to the nature of the work involved.

Call us now for no nonsense technical support and repairs.






We strongly advise especally over winter that you get your machine serviced to reduce the chances of the machine letting you down when you need it most.
Matenance includes a gas check to ensure your machine is running perfectly and not leaking gas into the atmosphere. this will become compusary in the future.
We check all bearings, shafts and wear of parts and advise you as to what you would need and what will be needed in the future.
With matenance checks we dont change or charge you anything untill we have discussed the cost with you and the reasons why its nessesary. This avoids large unexpected bills.
With our rented (link) machines the matenance is free of charge. New machines are covered for the first two years.
We advise a yearly check of all ice cream machines.

Free gear pump checks.

We offer a free checking service for your Carpigiani 'R' type or bell pump.
After checking your pump we can then advise you on what parts or work you need to have done.
We only use original machines direct from the manufacturer.