VariO 8 Pro

With the introduction of Compacta, Coldelite has implemented a new design and manufacture philosophy for its ice cream workshop equipment.

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VariO 8 Pro

With the introduction of Compacta, Coldelite has implemented a new design and manufacture philosophy for its ice cream workshop equipment.
Its Compacta VariO is a step on from the previous model, the evolution of its successful system for artisan-made ice cream.

Compacta VariO features a two-in-one structure:

  • in the upper part the horizontal cylinder mixes ingredients
  • in the lower part the second horizontal cylinder makes ice-cream

Therefore it is an all-in-one equipment, resuming the whole production process of homemade ice-cream:

  • the MIXER, to mix together the raw ingredients
  • the PASTEURISER, to achieve top hygiene of the mix
  • the FREEZER, to produce ice-creams, ìsorbettoî and fruit creams


  • Customised batch freezing cycles
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Silent operation
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced minimum production amounts
  • Smooth operation
  • Increased duration for mechanical parts

On the new Compacta, the VariO system constantly controls the consistency of the ice cream. The compressor power can be varied according to the amount of mix used to its ingredients. There are 11 pre-set programs and 6 free ones. It is possible to customize and store batch freezing cycles to memory, varying the rotation speed of the beater.


  • Horizontal Mixer
  • The ingredients are poured into the hopper of the top cylinder and finely mixed. High rotation speed allows the complete dispersion of dry ingredients in the mix


Pressing the heating button will start the cycle, which can be regulated to up to 105∞C.

The control buttons are immediately interpretable; an acoustic/visual signal shows that the temperature has been reached.

Direct Transfer
The prepared mix is transferred to the freezing cylinder through an outer spigot that can be removed and washed easily for the maximum hygiene.

Batch Freezer
Pressing the button with the cone will start the ice cream production cycle. An acoustic/visual signal shows that the ice cream is ready.

Ice Cream Extraction
Every time that cycle ends, if the operator is unable to extract the ice cream immediately, it is kept inside the machine at the right consistency; extraction is complete and fast due to the high rotation speed of the paddles and the large opening for the ice cream.

Compacta VariO
The Compacta VariO system always make ice creams with perfect consistency, both for rich and delicate mixes, at top production capacity and with loads cut to an absolute minimum.

Top Ten Advantages

  1. Space Effectiveness:
    Compacta VariO can fit everywhere; in a very little space you can produce in top health conditions all the homemade ice-cream you desire.
  2. Reasonable Investment:
    Compacta VariO is economical; a complete laboratory for ice-cream production, at the price of one machine only.
  3. Economical Operation:
    Compacta VariO has very low costs in terms of energy and water consumption; the most committing operational costs are remarkably reduced.
  4. Great Hygiene:
    Compacta VariO always works in a closed cycle; the produced ice-cream cannot be touched by external agents and is therefore perfectly healthy.
  5. Balanced Ice Cream:
    Compacta VariO mixes and freezes one flavour after another; in so doing, you will get balanced ice-creams, with fats equally distributed, and ìtailoredî recipes.
  6. Regulable Production:
    Compacta VariO mixes and freeze in short times; it allows to quickly enhance your production, meeting the growing sale needs.
  7. Flexible Production:
    Compacta VariO can mix and freeze very small quantities of product; it can immediately meet the most diverse production needs, even during low season.
  8. Always Fresh Ice Cream:
    Compacta VariO means that your ice-cream will be always fresh. Every day you can integrate the ice-cream that, was left mixing and pasteurizing it, and then freeze it with the new production being made in the machine.
  9. Ergonomics:
    Compacta VariO is not physically tiring to operate: the loading hopper is at handís reach, in the front of the machine, therefore they can be easily cleaned and inspected.
  10. Autonomy & Harmony:
    These 10 points of attention show how the Compacta VariO is able ñalone- to carry out the whole production cycle: that is, to produce all the ice-cream you need. Conversely, Compacta VariO is not only an independent machine; it can positively integrate with other traditional machines, supporting and helping their operations, in order to achieve a lop class homemade ice-cream laboratory.